Fight Helplessness and Hopelessness, Call your Representative

Hopelessness can be corrosive. Feeling like you don't have any control over the forces impacting your life, or the lives of those in your city, or state, is quite difficult. We're heading toward the presidential election and there are many serious issues being discussed on a regular basis. It's easy to feel like you can't do anything about it.

There is something you can do. Contact your Congressional Representative. If there is an issue you want to discuss, or share an opinion on, call your Representative. It's part of their job. They're there to listen to YOU! You don't need to have a specific law to cite (although that may help). You don't need to have a speech prepared. You can say something like: "I'd like my Representative to vote to support campaign finance reform." Or, "I'm not in favor of building any walls on the Mexican border. Can you do something about this?" They use their phone call data as a way to push their agendas. It supports their voice in Congress.

The House of Representatives has a nice website where you can plug in your zip code and get all the information you'll need about your representative. Take a look.  Jan Schakowsky, 773-506-7100, represents 60626 and much of 60640. Once you have the number, save it and call each week. NCRC is going to set up a Google Calendar to remind people to call their Representative each week to give voice to the issue they're feeling most hopeless or helpless about.

If you're specifically interested in gun control (and don't mind some adult humor), take a look at John Oliver's report on the Dickey Amendment. This 1997 Amendment blocks the Center for Disease Control (CDC) from being able to fund studies that explore the public health impact of guns. Since it's inception, funding for studies looking at the impact of guns has gone down more then 90%.

The Dickey Amendment doesn't stop people from getting guns, it stops the CDC from being able to study a scary public health issue.

Maybe guns aren't your concern. If you have any reaction to any of the political issues being raised during this election season and you're feeling hopeless or helpless, click on the link for the House of Representatives and use your phone to call, repeatedly, to voice your concern.

Fight hopelessness and helplessness with one small step.