Meet teresa d’astice, aMFT

Thanks for taking the time to make it to my page! I give you credit for taking the first step to seek out something you need. I’m Teresa (she/hers/her); I’m a graduate from Northwestern’s Marriage and Family Therapy master’s program. Before graduate school, I studied psychology, environmental studies, and economics at Lake Forest College, and I was a student in Chicago Public Schools from preschool through high school. I like to work collaboratively with clients to identify what they truly value, need, and want in therapy, in their relationships, and for themselves. 

Change is HARD. As humans, we get stuck in patterns that we don’t know how to change, and that is EXPECTED. In my practice, I work to declutter the messiness of day-to-day life, creating a space for you to observe the interactions between you, your thoughts, your emotions, and other people. As a systemic therapist, I would work to help you understand the roles you hold in your relationships: where you learned the role, how it shows up in different realms of your life, and how it is impacting your personal goals and wellbeing. By providing research-informed therapy and connecting with people on an authentic and human level, my hope is that you find more understanding and empathy for yourself and the people around you. We can’t control others, our invasive thoughts, or our uncomfortable emotions, but we can control how we respond to all of these things. Though developing empathy and understanding is not an easy task, it is my passion to support you throughout the process. 

I find it imperative to tend to the therapeutic relationship, ensuring you feel safe enough to explore and understand your vulnerable parts. I identify as an LGBTQIA+ affirming therapist and try my best to see through a culturally sensitive lens. Psychotherapy that I provide is strengths-based and client-centered; though I hold expertise on the field of marriage and family therapy, you hold expertise on yourself and your life. I value transparency in my relationships, especially client-therapist ones; hopefully, this will provide you with an opportunity to decide if I am a good fit for you! Particular interests include working with teenagers, adult siblings, premarital couples, and non-monogamous couples.









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Teresa sees clients at our Wicker Park location.  She can be reached by phone at (773) 512-1665.

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