Meet MATThew BELL, mft

I am Matthew W. Bell, and I am a Marriage and Family Therapist. I am a native of St. Louis, Missouri and attended Adler University to receive my masters in Chicago. Since receiving my masters I have had the honor of serving a very diverse range of clients. I have worked with young children, teens, couples, and senior population just to name a few. Along with my work as an individual, couple, and family therapist, I have also conducted group therapy for adult males, adult mothers, children, teens, and special needs individuals.

As a therapist I believe in empowering client’s through the therapeutic experience to foster lasting change outside of the therapy setting. I greatly value modeling transparency, care, and healthy support systems. Challenging dialogue in a safe environment leads to comfort and internal growth. The challenge is presented in therapy through my welcoming stance that meets each client where they are in order to build rapport and establish the safe container. Once this container is established we are able to take collaborative dives into exploring barriers and discomforts that have presented themselves.

I greatly value the unique dynamics that we all present as individuals. I am in full support of recognizing our differences and utilizing dialogue that addresses their impact in our stories. It is my privilege and honor to bring full awareness to culture, gender, race, sexual orientation, and all other identifiers. It is my pleasure to welcome each client and offer my services while recognizing the client as the expert of their story.  

Therapy offers a unique environment to engage in dialogue that is individually tailored to each client. It is through this outlet that we are able to take an active view of insecurities, pain, pleasure, and vulnerabilities. Through the therapeutic work the client is able to understand the role of accountability in their personal journey and work toward lasting change. It is my honor to accept a role in helping each client further their understanding and awareness of self.


Matthew currently sees clients at our RavenswoodSouth Loop locations.  He can be reached by phone at  312-523-9567

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This episode of Hard Cover dives into the topic of mental health within black communities and talks about the stigma that comes along with it as well as some solutions to said issues and stigma.

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