Meet Christine webster, Lmft

As a person, I believe in the importance of relationships and the human desire to connect. As a Marriage and Family therapist, I strive to strengthen or transform those relationships already formed as well as help people find and build the connections they truly want. I enjoy helping my clients find new and deeper ways to connect with the people around them. I believe that we all have the capacity to heal within ourselves, and I work hard to help my clients find that innate ability and bring it to the forefront. I strive to create a safe space where my clients can feel seen and heard as they heal from past pain and move towards new positive experiences. I welcome clients from all races, genders, cultures, religions and sexual orientations and believe that those identities are vitally important parts of our therapeutic work.

I have years of experience working with couples, individuals and families struggling with a range of presenting issues. I am particularly invested in helping high-conflict couples find new and effective ways to communicate and helping couples who are dealing with infidelity heal and move forward. Couples struggling with high conflict arguments or frequent fighting can expect to learn tools aimed at fostering a different and more effective form of communication. The goal is to stop the escalation of fights and shift communication to the needs of each partner. Feeling heard and understood by your partner is a powerful step towards healthy communication and a stronger relationship. Communication is also very important for couples who are dealing with infidelity, whether it be processing the events and aftermath or delving into any underlying issues to promote a healthier relationship moving forward. 

Drawn from my training at The Family Institute at Northwestern, I utilize a strengths based integrative treatment style that focuses heavily on collaboration between therapist and client. I have also received advanced training in a model focused on applying ideas from attachment theory and neuroscience to relational issues in order to create more connective and fulfilling bonds with yourself and the people around you.


Christine sees clients at our Wicker Park location.  She can be reached by phone at (312) 298-9729.

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