Teletherapy - therapy via secure online video-conferencing - is becoming an increasingly popular option in the mental health community. Remote sessions allow for much greater convenience and accessibility, many therapists and clients find the experience to be comparable to in-person sessions, and multiple studies have indicated the effectiveness of teletherapy for various presenting problems.

Still, teletherapy is not for everyone: not all insurance plans currently cover remote sessions, many presenting problems are still best addressed in-person, and many clinicians and clients still prefer in-person sessions overall for various reasons including potential confidentiality concerns, safety and proximity when in crisis, etc.

Each CCRC therapist has their own stance, policies, procedures, and preferences when it comes to providing teletherapy. If you are interested in this as an option, please be sure to mention this in your initial conversation with your therapist, so as to determine whether remote sessions will be a possibility in your work together.

For more information on teletherapy, here are a few useful articles and websites: