Therapist Spotlight: Jennifer Litner, AMFT

NCRC is proud to periodically spotlight one of our staff therapists so as to give you a chance to get to know their unique qualities and interests.  Today's spotlight is on Jennifer Litner, AMFT.

Jennifer Litner, AMFT

Jennifer Litner, AMFT

1.     Do you have a specific focus or interest in your clinical work?

I have a growing specialization in sex therapy and sexuality-related concerns, so the majority of my clinical work is reflective of that focus. I enjoy working with couples and individual adults. I am also working towards my certification in sex therapy and pursuing a PhD in Human Sexuality.

2.     Do you have a certain therapeutic style, method, or model of therapy that you generally use?

A great deal of my clinical work is informed by CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) and EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy). I pretty much use a blend of these models depending on what a client needs in the moment.

3.     What makes you unique as a therapist?

I like to think that I am incredibly resourceful and genuine, which many of my clients appreciate. I enjoy helping people find creative ways to cope with challenges and I'm not afraid to use a sense of humor while sharing examples or metaphors. 

4.     Do you have any favorite books or movies or music?

I really enjoy listening to live music, especially Jazz and brass bands like Rebirth, The Revivalists and Trombone Shorty. I am also a big fan of country music.

As far as literature, I really enjoy when authors incorporate research into their writing. Some of my recommended go-to reads include Come As You Are, Loving Bravely, Mating in Captivity, Hold Me Tight, Loving With The Brain In Mind and Modern Romance.

5.     Do you have a favorite charity or non-profit organization or cause?

Bright Pink is one of my favorite local organizations! I really believe in their mission of encouraging women to be proactive and self aware about their breast and ovarian health. It's so important that women have a warm and supportive place to turn to while making informed medical decisions (to prevent cancer); we are so lucky that Bright Pink is headquartered here in Chicago.

Jennifer currently sees clients at our Ravenswood location.  She can be reached by phone at (847) 868-2018.